Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dark Night of a Broken Soul

Life is so weary, and  my heart does softly weep,
As I lay down my tired head and long for eternal sleep.
The weight of my sin lays heavy on my soul,
I cry out for warmth in this world of cold.
Surely God will place me forever aside,
Punished for life because I backslide.
Who can hear the words of a sinful man?
They carry no weight, they are a house of sand;
The rain comes down, and they wash away,
Never lasting more than a day.

Oh, God, I beg You, cover my shame,
Burn away the chaff in my heart with your consuming flame.
My heart cries out for the passion of yore,
When Your Word and will were always in the fore,
When there was nought but You and I,
The sinner and the Man who for him died.
No fear, no shame, just hopes and dreams,
But the future is not as bright as at first it seemed;
The world is dark, and in the corner I crouch alone,
The memory of what I have done causes me in agony to groan.

Oh Father in Heaven, I need so desperately to feel Your embrace,
To be submerged in Your amazing grace.
I cannot pull myself up from the mire,
Through all my works I only tire.
No penance or prayer,
Seems capable of breaking my despair,
For when one guilt of sin is gone,
Another is sure to come.
My human frailty breaks under the weight
Of the demands that living uprightly make;
My fallen flesh pulls me ever astray,
In the opposite direction of the only True Way.

Jesus Christ, through whose blood I am made free,
Please come again and rescue me
From the pull of this world and my own wicked flesh,
Into the land of victory and sweet rest.
My righteousness is as filthy rags, unworthy of You,
Come daily and make me new.
Let my past stay behind that each day may be it's own,
That in the newness of life Your power can be shown.
Make my life a beacon of hope to shine,
That in every breath I am proven to be Thine.
Lead me out of this dark night of  the broken soul,
That I may once again see You, the shepherd of my soul.